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Oracle DBA/Dev






Unique opportunity to join a people focued team, to be part of something bigger than yourself, and know that management has your back. Interested? this is a very impressive company, growing in leaps and bounds, and has practically no turnover (1/50 in 3 years) Why? Because of the culture. The team understands that, no matter what, the priority of everyone on the team - Family FIRST. This is a company that walks the walk as well as talking the talk, so everyone knows that their family comes first. So when their family doesnt need them, they can give their best to the team, knowing they have their back. Its a very unusual situation - ok they have the free lunches, the free snacks everywhere and the fully stocked beer fridge - but they also have your back. You are not just a number. And you are working with a focused, bright, hard working team who want to surpass what they have achieved before. This is an incredible chance to get in on the nearly ground floor, and be part of it as they grow and expand. So who are you? Well you are an oracle expert, both DBA and dev ideally. But more important than your skillset is Who You ARE. We need you to be a strong personality - but a strong personality who can listen. Will fight your own corner, but can see others point of view as well, and can change your mind. You want to *learn* - you are not content in sitting, doing the same year of experience again and again, you want growth, challenge, self actualisation - you want to be proud of what you do everyday, and know you are among the best. You aren't scared of proving yourself, but you want to know that its worth while. You are good working in teams, in order to hit your objective, and you take pride in solving tricky customer problems. If you think this is of interest to you, or want more information - please send your CV now and lets have a chat.

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